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Our Remote Valley Trekking

Remote Valley Trek takes you to some of the rarely accessed trekking regions in Nepal. These trekking destination are somewhat less preferred and few adventurers venture in this area. This is all because of special laws and permit which restrict venturing in to the area without fulfilling certain formalities from the trekking office or Department of Immigration. But if we have the permit, the adventure is fun and exciting as these remote valleys are rarely explored and left unaltered from the previous visits. Remote Valleys are unspoiled from outside influences and offers some unique opportunity to discover rich cultural and natural diversity. These remote areas are usually around the bordering territory of Tibet and thus requires dedication and extra effort to reap the rewards. Ancient old monasteries, shrine, rich Tibetan influenced culture, unblemished nature, adventurous trekking trails, majestic Himalayas are some of the big rewards to be expected on the Remote Valley Trek. Amazing Nepal Holidays specialize in such type of trek with years of experience and can provide you the experience beyond your imagination.

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