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Our Everest Region Trek

Everest region is probably the most iconic spot for tourists as well as adventure seekers. With increasing number of foreigners every year, it is without a doubt the most captivating place on earth. After all, everyone is familiar with the highest peak in the world, the Mount Everest. Layers and layers of white shining snows stretches before you. Massive formation of snowcapped mountains lies indomitably around you. Sheer thrill of this astounding adventure is going to mesmerize your body and soul, as you touch yourself to the very base of that large protruding behemoth of a mountain. Everest region trek will drag you right out of your nostalgia as it is a milestone for everyone who have ever ventured to this place. Situated in the northeast province of our country Nepal, Everest region is possibly the best region to pursue your thirst for a great adventure. Everest region is not just about trekking. This region submerges you into the fascinating ethnic culture and groups of Nepal along with awe-inspiring beauty of Mother Nature. Long-established traditional culture and practices, their charming hospitality and their conventional ethnic stone-housed colony will introduce you to the amazing lifestyle of the Sherpas. You can see many Buddhist monasteries and stupas of holy values along with the people of lamas, monks etc. People here will make you feel like you’re home. Hence, trekking in Everest region here is not only going to be an amazing journey but also an incredible spiritual experience.

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Everest Round Trek 12 days

/ Easy
Everest Base CamP sample
1150 990

Everest High Pass Trek 20 days

8091m / Fair

Gokyo Valley Trek 14 days

4790 / Easy
1790 1680

Everest Base Camp Trek 14 days

5364m / Hard

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