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For many, Nepal is just another country but for true adventurers Nepal is more than heaven. There is no lack of admirers for this heavenly beautiful nation. Landlocked by gigantic Himalayas, Nepal has everything to offer for everyone. From regular jungle safaris to extreme mountain climbing, there is no limit on adventure possibilities in Nepal. The sheer rising number of tourists proves just how widely famous this landlocked nation is. Nepal may be small, may look small but houses the world’s biggest mountain on earth i.e. Mount Everest. Not only the biggest mountain on earth, but majority of tallest mountain on earth after second tallest mountain Mount K2 falls in Nepal. Distinctive geography, diverse cultures, perplexing nature all correlate together to form this beautiful piece of land that is Nepal.
Nepal, officially called the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia. Located mainly in the Himalayas, Nepal is widely renowned for its flourishing tourism industry. Nepal borders with China in the north and India in the south, east and west. Nepal has a very distinctive geography including fertile plains, sub-alpine forested hills, eight of the world’s tallest Himalayas and many other natural boons. Though Nepal is a multiethnic nation, Nepali is the national language. The pronounced dissimilarity in elevation typically found in Nepal results in a variety of biotic community, ranging from tropical savannas to subtropical broadleaf and coniferous forests in the Hill region to temperate broadleaf. Even the Himalaya has diverse biome ranging from coniferous forests on the steep slopes of Himalaya, to montane grasslands and shrub lands and rock and ice at the highest altitude.
Lore and tradition is an fundamental part of Nepali society. Mythical and traditional stories are rooted in almost every part of country. Being divided into three proportions i.e. Himal, Hill and Terai, Nepal is not new to unique and diverse culture. Himal region comprises almighty brave Sherpa people while Hilly region is populated by Tamang, Gurung, Newar, Bramhin etc. Madhesis and Tharu community are natives of Terai. These ethnic diversity represents a vivid, colorful, differentiated culture. Nepal is truly a heaven. Exquisite natural beauty in harmony with diverse ethnic groups, you can’t find such place elsewhere on the map. So, Amazing Nepal Holidays welcomes heartily all the people from around the globe to come and visit this wonderful country again and again.

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Everest Round Trek 12 days

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Ghorepani Poonhill trek
590 460

Ghorepani Poonhill trek 6 Nights 7 days

/ Hard
Everest Base CamP sample
1150 990

Everest High Pass Trek 20 days

8091m / Fair
950 720

Annapurna Base Camp Trek 14 days

8091m / Hard

Mt. Manaslu Expedition 52 days

8163M Mt. Manaslu / Hard

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