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Nepal is probably one of the best place to explore cultural heterogeneity due to is different blend of people living a harmonious lifestyle. With ethnically indigenous groups to diverse cultural people, we can find a lot of cultural variations according to geography. Take a cultural tour in Kathmandu Valley to explore more of the native Newai community or hike to the remotest location of Nepal to learn more about orthodox traditions still unaffected by outside world. Nepal is home to mix races of people, religion and caste. Though people may differ in race or religion, the feeling of mutuality is everywhere in every corner of this country.

Nepal is divided primarily into three layers according to geographical structure i.e. Himal, Hills and Terai. Himalayan region holds primarily Sherpas who are culturally unique and are the bravest mountaineers in the whole world. The mighty Sherpas give a glimpse to the lifestyle of Himalayan people and life around mountain. Mid hills are generally populated by many tribes like Gurung, Magar, Rai, , Tamang, Chettris, Brahmins, Newars etc. After the unification campaign led by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, all tribes began to live peacefully as single community but still retained their original cultures and traditions. Terai is the vast plain fertile area of Nepal and is home to the natives of Tharu and Madhesis and as well as other mixed religions. They have distinctive cultures, tradition and lifestyle than that of Himalayas and Hills and are reflected through their custom, art, language, settlements and villages. All these mix-up of several ethnic people creates a vibrant and rich culture of different peoples in Nepal. Cultural Tour in Nepal is certainly going to be a diverse experience.

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